Equippers Church in Auckland New Zealand are no strangers to us. At Navah we sing their music a lot. We have a great relationship with the guys in New Zealand, and indeed in some of their churches all across the world.

Equippers Revolution is the youth movement based in Auckland, and outside of music, they are doing some incredible things.

Music is a huge part of their ministry. They believe strongly in the power of Praise, and the call to be relevant and accessible to their generation.

Future is exactly that. The troublesome trio of Josh Huirua, David Darby and Kenan Stephenson has written and produced some bangers in the past, and Future is no exception.

Their exploration of electronic sounds is mind-boggling, and while most Christian artists do their best to keep up with the secular industry, these guys are leading the way.

They bring together an eclectic library of sounds to bring us a deeply layered song musically, that has been produced perfectly to give a very satisfying sound that HAS to be played loud! I cannot wait to start using this with Navah Live. I know the young people at our events will go crazy for this.

The middle 8 drop is insane! The sounds released in that drop will get the room pumping! I can’t wait to experience that.

But this is not just great music for young people to relate to. It has a powerful message. While many young people are trying to find purpose in their own lives, this song leads us to commit our future to Christ. “My Future’s in Your hands” is the simple statement. “I’m choosing to trust You”. I love the sentiment of this song, and I am praying that this song will bring freedom to the thousands of young people that will sing this in some corner of the globe.

Apple Music: https://apple.co/2quNr6U
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/36KOWyc