Lucy Grimble is becoming one of the UK’s premier worship leaders and songwriters, and deservedly so.

Stabal, a recent project has been releasing some fantastic live acoustic sessions with some of the UK’s best worship artists. Lucy is now added to that list with this 10 track album. You can also see some of the videos on YouTube.

Lucy stated on her website, “this live project was recorded in one night and captures a raw and acoustic night of worship using some of the songs I’ve written as well as some classic hymns, all revisited with a live band featuring a string trio”.

Most of you will be familiar with the first track Nothing but the Blood. It is a beautiful rendition, but the second track Lord of My Life, from her 2017 album Created To Worship, is just stunning. There is always something different when an artist sings their own song.

Lucy said, that this project “has been a really great way for me to reconnect with some of my older songs, songs that I really hold dear and are really special to me”.

The raw passion is so evident. But with a beautiful melody and powerful vocals, this song will get you into a place of worship very quickly. You can hear the intimacy of the venue in the live recording. It has been very well produced.

“There’s one brand new song, a duet with one of my dearest friends Bianca Rose.”

Lucy shares through her latest blog post the story behind this song. Lucy talks about their 10-year relationship, and how they were both pursuing something authentic and real.

I love the reflection they both made about the fact that there is “a precious kind of praise that we can only give to God this side of heaven. In eternity, we won’t experience the dysfunction and distance and hardship that we go through on earth. And so, there is a sweetness to the choice to draw near to God on our most broken, worn our and disbelieving days.”

It really is a beautiful song, and Bianca Rose vocals are truly beautiful, lending to Lucy’s already smooth and strong lead.

One of my favourite songs from Lucy recently is Keeper. The acoustic version of this is really beautiful. The minor chords, lifting into the major melody of the pre-chorus, and the powerful chorus, is uplifting and musically well crafted.

The album finishes with two classic Hymns, I Surrender and Turn Your Eyes. They are so beautifully done, and Lucy’s voice is perfect to bring their power in this acoustic setting. I really like this album!

This really is worth a listen, and I have a feeling this will be on a lot in my car in the coming days/weeks.

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